10 things I wish I knew before going vegan! I hope this video and these tips give you guys some helpful insight. 

  1. Take away pressure of not doing things right. We are human, its ok to make mistakes, we learn from them. 
  2. Educate yourself, “Know Better, Do Better”. Get curious, read and watch videos about vegans and their lifestyle. 
  3. Have a supportive environment. Family, friends & community who share the same beliefs. Join vegan groups. 
  4. Find inspiration. People you can learn from, who inspire you. Celebrities who turned vegan. 
  5. Find replacements. Plant based items, gluten free, new options. 
  6. Calorie density. Concentration of calories in foods & nutritional value. 
  7. Explore exciting restaurants & cafés. Check out for your local restaurants and Instagram. 
  8. Find what works for you. Body, budget & lifestyle. (Gluten free/ Plant based options) 
  9. Vegan food can be tasty. Seasoning & mixing with the right ingredients. 
  10. Go at your own pace. Take your time and do your research, slowly make changes to your diet. 


Vegan Channels
Thriving On Plants:
Plant Based Judy:
Cheap Lazy Vegan:

Cowspiracy (Netflix) watch this one!!!
What The Health (Netflix)
The Game Changers (Netflix)
Forks Over Knives (Netflix)
101 Reasons to go Vegan

United Nations article:

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